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Talent shortages are causing more Canadian businesses to look at newcomers as a badly needed source of labour – but some say the strategy may replicate past problems with funneling high-skilled migrants into lower-skilled jobs if key changes aren’t made.

Ontario-based entrepreneur now builds and invests in firms like Computek College that support new Canadians

The second Ideas Summit convened leading education, policy and technology experts to explore how we’ll learn in 2024 and beyond

The publication is a partnership between SJC Media and 369 Global that will highlight successful New Canadians.

Muraly Srinarayanathas is a zealous advocate for Canada’s promise as a global leader buoyed by the world’s most diverse and talented cultural mosaic. But he is equally passionate in his criticism of Canada’s missed opportunity to adequately support and effectively draw upon the skills and experience of a rapidly growing population of newcomers.

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Entrepreneurship Award – SEP23
Ajax Pickering Board of Trade
Town of Ajax Mayor’s Award – OCT22
Inspirational Leader of the Year 2022 – Finalist (event in 2023)