My Story

Muraly Srinarayanathas is a serial entrepreneur and global strategist who applies his third culture kid (TCK) lens to every venture.

His unique perspective was formed as the son of first-generation immigrant parents and from living life around the world unbounded by borders. For over 25 years, Muraly has worked closely with immigrants in their local communities and built several successful businesses from the ground up across the globe.

He serves as Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of 369 Global, a group of companies with business interests in skills training and workforce development, including Computek College (est. 1991), which he purchased in 2014. 369 Global also works in media and communications and global market facilitation with innovative, inclusive, and scalable approaches to training and business while preparing clients to address global challenges. Muraly spearheaded the development of 3 Magazine in partnership with St. Joseph Communication (SJC). 3 delves into the essence of global narratives, weaving together topics from identity to innovation and aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diverse experiences shaping our country and world.

Muraly is considered a specialist in consumer culture and the immigrant market. He recognizes the power of diversity and the need for brands to prioritise global consumer culture (GCC) and local consumer culture (LCC) principles to connect with diverse audiences.

Holding a strong belief that diversity is our greatest strength, Muraly collaborates with public and private sector leaders through speaking engagements, civic action, and board positions to protect and improve holistic outcomes for global communities and future generations. 

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