Introducing 3, the new magazine for Canadian newcomers from SJC and 369 Global

Imagine a media brand that reflects the ambitions of global citizens, captures the resilience of Canadian newcomers and explores the rich intersection of the diverse cultures that define modern Canada.

Introducing 3, a new magazine from SJC and 369 Global, launching this September.

Why 33 magazine celebrates Third Culture Individuals (TCIs) and the culturally curious alike, a testament to those born in one place but enriched by the experiences of numerous others.

Of course, 3 isn’t just for TCIs; the topics, themes and individuals highlighted will resonate with prospective and recent immigrants, and first-generation (and beyond) Canadians.

In-depth research, including a national survey and first-person interviews with Canadian newcomers, helped us glean insights to shape the values, voice and content to define 3.

Weaving together topics from identity to innovation, content will span commentary, in-depth profiles and cultural insights on style, tech, health, sports, food, travel, politics and more.  Exploring the pages of 3, readers will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diverse experiences that shape our country—and our world.

The editorial team includes Muraly Srinarayanathas, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of 369 Global Inc., Co-Founder and Publisher of the magazine, Stacy Lee Kong, Editor-in-Chief, Sasha Emmons, VP of Branded & Custom Content for SJC Media and Paul Ferriss, Director of Editorial & Creative for SJC Media’s Custom Content Division.

The first issue of the magazine will drop on September 3, 2024, and be distributed across Canada. Subscribe to our newsletter for publication and event updates.

About 3 magazine

For people who live between borders and beyond boundaries.

3 magazine celebrates third culture individuals, newcomers to Canada, first-generation (and beyond) Canadians and the culturally curious. It is a testament to people born in one place but enriched by the influence of numerous others. 3 delves into the essence of global narratives, weaving together topics from identity to innovation. With deeply reported stories, thought-provoking columns, insightful profiles and style features, its content will challenge and inspire. Through this exploration, 3 aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diverse experiences that shape our country, and our world. 3 is published by purpose-driven 369 Global in partnership with SJC Media, publisher of Canada’s largest portfolio of media brands.

SOURCE 369 Global Inc.

For further information: For media requests, please contact: Tayemi Blackman,; For brands interested in joining as a founding sponsor, partner or advertiser, please contact: Cameron Williamson,

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