Why You Should Really Choose to Turn Off and Tune In

Did you know that nearly one-third of people find it difficult to switch off from work in their personal time? This puts them more at risk of experiencing high stress, mental exhaustion and ultimately: burnout. Relaxing after a difficult day at work can be hard, especially when technology is so conveniently at our fingertips. However, switching off from work is vital for your overall wellbeing and work-related productivity.

Distance Yourself from Your Devices

While the advancement of technology was intended to free workers from their desk bound tasks, our mobile devices have in fact kept us glued to our desk, 24/7 especially with the increasing new reality of remote work since the start of COVID-19. Thanks to easy access to work emails from smartphones, I found it difficult as a business owner to mentally switch off from my day job. Email, texts, and telephone calls interrupt our lives almost constantly. Thus, it’s important to switch off in the evening and get into the habit of turning your phone off after work too.

Keep the Topic of Work off Limits at the Dinner Table

Sharing your thoughts after a difficult day at work can sometimes help us de-stress, but don’t let work stress consume your life and your every thought outside of work. If you can, avoid bringing your work problems home with you and instead try to create a safe space where you are not thinking about work. While it’s great to share how your day went with your family, avoid dwelling on negative emotions when discussing your work. To help separate your professional and personal lives, I recommend that you limit work chat at home and find other things to talk about.

Before You Leave, Finish Your Current Project

Speaking from personal experience, nothing feels better than tying off any loose ends before going home, but why is that? People are more likely to recall tasks that are unfinished than those that are completed. This is known as the Zeigarnik Effect.

So before leaving, try to finish your work for the day. If the task is too big to complete all at once, break it into chunks and finish a specific portion before you leave your desk to help you better check out mentally when you head for home. 

Take a Break, Eat Well, and Go On a Vacation 

Your body is like a machine; if you do not take care of it, you cannot perform at your best. Encourage yourself to take breaks, eat a healthy and filling meal at lunch, and make arrangements to take that vacation you keep saying you will and never booking off. 

Taking vacations can help you recharge your energy. If you choose to unplug and practice techniques to improve your mental wellness, you can stay in a vacation state of mind. Help yourself recharge for the sake of your wellbeing, and the success of your business will be sure to follow.


Overhauling yours and your employees’ work life balance can be a huge hurdle, but with the right tools and advisors to help create a robust and agile game plan, you’ll be able to achieve almost anything. Visit our website and connect with my team to start laying the groundwork for a happier and healthier workplace. You won’t believe what you can accomplish.

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