Why It Is So Important to Give Back to Your Community

Each of us has a life purpose—a reason that we are here. It’s our job to discover what that purpose is and fulfill it.

Service sustains and runs the world.

I believe the key to being successful and living a legendary life is to balance all aspects of life. Being a true servant of others is a big part of that balance. This means doing whatever you can to be in service of others in a way that fits your lifestyle. Whether it’s through writing a cheque to your favourite charity, helping the homeless, or serving in your community as a mentor, it’s important to support others and give back.

Passion is for us, but purpose is for others.

Each person has a unique purpose in life. My purpose is to be an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and father. Yours may be to run a bakery or to be a writer. People have endless options when it comes to discovering their purpose in life.

Serving others should be at the core of everything we do because we need it to maintain focus, especially when life throws you a curveball.

As we strive to create a prosperous and sustainable world, it is more important than ever to serve and give as freely as we receive. If we fail to do this, we’ll operate from a scarcity point of view, allowing greed to take root, creating an unstable, unhappy system.

In a world where money is the end goal, the most successful would be the happiest. We all know, however, that’s not the case. The real definition of success is ‘all-encompassing’. Our passion is for us, but our mission is to help others. When you do not feel happy, it is because you are not serving.

Final Thoughts on The Importance of Serving Others

Our purpose is to serve. The deeper the intention behind it, the greater the sense of meaning and fulfillment.

What if, by living for others, we:

  • Become more fulfilled and complete?
  • Find true happiness?
  • Become bigger than ourselves?
  • Give back to those who served us?
  • Make (and leave) the world a better place?
  • Find less stress and frustration?
  • Receive far more than we give?
  • Find a pursuit greater than the material things around us?

Want to start 2022 on a positive note, and give back to others? Adopt The Maestro Mindset and Compose the Symphony of Your Life today.

I believe in walking the talk, which is why the Srinarayanathas Foundation will be making deep and lasting investments in the communities that we live in. Visit our new foundation website to learn more.

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