Why I decided to write a book

Well, I have some news. I am working diligently with Forbes Books to share my story. Initial copies will be available late this year, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Deciding to write a book is a significant commitment, given the time it takes each week and what goes into the entire process from start to finish. In most cases, an author is not fully aware of the intense process until they experience it themselves. I am no exception. Compiling and distilling my thoughts into what I want to say has been an incredible and enlightening experience. It has brought up my earliest memories, my victories and challenges. Sharing my truth has also forced me to be authentically vulnerable, which is never easy.

For me, the decision to write a book was a long time coming and primarily inspired by my upbringing and the lens of being a third culture kid. I wanted to share my story and leave a record of my lived experience, outlook and values for my two children, who are part of a culturally diverse family. Further to this, I wanted to show that all of us are capable of contributing to change. If my words inspire you, which I hope they will, please know that you, too, can take the plunge and contribute to the change you want to see in the world.

I wanted to develop a largely autobiographical narrative based on my experience working and living around the world. This global experience has shown me time and time again that Western thinking is limited, and we need to challenge ourselves to think beyond borders. I wanted to raise awareness of Canada’s potential on a global scale to be a leader in driving change and economic growth. The purpose of my book is to encourage people to reframe, connect and understand each other, work globally, and share lessons learned to boost global innovation and productivity.

This month, I will share the steps I have followed to write my book in the hopes it will inspire other aspiring authors to take a leap and do the same.

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