Why Change Is Good for You and Me

Change is hard—sometimes it is very hard—because we’re creatures of habit. We repeat things over and over again even when we know they are ineffective or inefficient. When we’re in our “comfort zone,” straying from it and exploring the unknown can be uncomfortable. But what if I told you it could also be exciting?

Even though change is hard, it’s good for me and you. Embracing change opens the door to all sorts of growth opportunities—building courage, enhancing resilience, expanding adaptability, and growing knowledge.

From my experience, there are three reasons why it’s time to embrace change:

Create New Experiences

Change is an opportunity to see things from a new perspective, which will help you to be curious and help to shape who you are today and in the future. Change is the opportunity to be curious and see things from a new perspective, and try new things you might not have tried before.

Take a break from the ordinary and try something new. You never know where it may take you!

Discover Your True Self

In this period of change, you will discover your greatest strengths, passions, and desires. Over the years I’ve walked many paths, some steep, some long, but I discovered the beauty of family and what it means to truly feel fulfilled.

When you start thinking outside the box, you’ll discover what you excel at, what challenges you, and how to chart a path that best suits you in life.

Become flexible and Adaptive

When you begin to look at new possibilities, your mindset expands and opportunities present themselves, enabling you to learn how to effectively cope with the chaos of change. You begin to instinctively learn how to react, learn, and reflect to become a more flexible and confident person.

I encourage you to apply and master change to build resilience and confidence, which will allow you to flourish in almost any new situation that crosses your path. When I accepted change, I discovered that I was able to adapt to new difficulties and challenges, and I used them as a springboard to flourish.

If you’re interested in building your change muscles, please get in contact with me. Together, we’ll discover how you can make the switch from fear to flourishing. 

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