What Can Isolation Teach Us About Who and How We Love?

Staying at home in isolation is robbing us of many things we love: our careers, our extracurricular activities, and engaging with our community, but whether we are stuck at home by ourselves or live in a home filled with life and laughter, the current situation provides us with the perfect time to really connect with the people we love.

The Blessing in Disguise

Love is the foundation that everything is built on. While that may sound cliché, it is a truth that I hold deep in my heart. However, it is a truth that often becomes buried in the day-to-day struggles of our busy lives.

We take for granted that we will see our parents, partners, or children when we get home, and we go through the motions because we know they will be there day after day.

COVID-19 is far from a blessing but it has created two opportunities: to appreciate the time with our loved ones as it is not guaranteed and to set aside the usual distractions so that we can focus and value our friends’ and family’s unique spirits. 

Do we love them more simply because we spend more time together? Or is it because of the fear of losing them without warning?

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter because the end result is a stronger relationship with our families, friends, and partner that will make our love after COVID-19 stronger than ever.

Empathize, Don’t Judge

We see it all over social media: if people want to be in your life, they should make the effort and if they don’t, they were never real friends in the first place.

This is a dangerous and false idea because it gives the impression that only your struggles are important and that the lives of your friends and family revolve completely around supporting you and your needs.

The pain that we are collectively going through is striking everyone and while I understand the isolation and sorrow you may be feeling, I ask that you extend the grace to others that you desire for yourself.

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