We May Be Apart, But We’re Never Alone

During this pandemic, many of us are experiencing severe isolation and are struggling with our mental health. While this is a reality we can’t avoid, we can face it and heal ourselves together.

Keep reading below to learn more about managing your mental health during this crisis.

Understanding Your Mental Health

Compared to physical conditions that have been recognized for millennia, mental health treatment is a relatively new field that many people still don’t fully grasp.

The fact is that our minds face so much stress and pressure throughout our days that this can lead to unhealthy conditions that impact our quality of life.

It’s important to understand though that our mental health is on a spectrum, and it’s not so easy to say one person’s mental health is “good” and someone else’s is “bad”.

Mental Health in the Time of COVID-19

We’re living through an unprecedented time where millions of people have lost their jobs and must isolate themselves from COVID-19. On top of feeling starved for social interaction and mounting financial pressures, COVID-19 presents an unseeable enemy that can leave us feeling powerless.

As we go through this crisis together, know that whatever you are feeling is completely valid, but there are steps you can take to manage your feelings.

Coping Strategies You Can Use

The import lesson you need to know though is that mental health strategies aren’t about “enduring” stress as much as “recharging” from it. Shrugging off or denying your feelings can potentially lead to worse mental health, so take time to meditate on your feelings and what is behind them.

Once you understand the root of your struggles, you can help recharge your spirit by focusing on slow and deep breathing, getting physically active to boost serotonin and dopamine, or making changes to remove the stressors from your life.

Protecting your mental health is just as important as your physical health, especially during this pandemic. To learn more coping strategies and how to restore your spirit, visit my website, and check out our classes on mental health support.

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