Walking the Talk—Being an Authentic Business Leader

Have you had a boss that made sure all of their employees were working hard and meeting deadlines but struggled when it came to delivering on their work performance? One of the fastest ways a leader can fall is by being accused of being “all talk”.

These days, leadership by demand is not the default. Modern employees want to see employers leading by example and practicing what they preach.

There are many reasons why walking the talk is important in the workplace, but here are a few of the most important reasons why leaders cannot allow themselves to be labeled as talkers.

Your policies should be consistent with your core values

Leadership is always scrutinized. Failure to abide by one’s core values is worse than not establishing them at all. A core values system is especially important in these turbulent times. If your code of ethics doesn’t align with your company’s core values, you’ll have a more difficult time enforcing and exemplifying it for others.

Know what needs to change

If there is a disconnect between company values and employee behavior, it is important to fully understand the situation so you have a more accurate view of what’s going on and can take appropriate action.

Model the change in behaviour you want to see

This is a key aspect of “walking the talk.”

Be honest with your team when you have messed up rather than deflecting or placing blame elsewhere. Don’t make excuses and apologize sincerely. Being sorry and understanding that something needs to change is not an admission of defeat. Employees need to know you are human and that leaders are no different than everyone else.

Communication is key

You can’t “walk the talk” if you haven’t talked to anyone. Be an effective leader by communicating clearly, effectively and often, to your teams including what you expect of them and what needs to be done, and always be consistent. Engage in ongoing dialogue with your employees about your policies, challenges, and changes that may need to be implemented which also enables them to voice their concerns or ask you questions.

Be consistent

While nothing is certain, what I can say with confidence is that by understanding and implementing these key strategies you’re well on your way to becoming an authentic, effective and engaging leader. The underlying message is that action and words have meaning. It is up to you to align them.

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