Tips for Building Business through Tough Times

It’s no secret that things are changing rapidly. The world is still in the grips of a pandemic, and we’re trying our best to maintain a sense of control. Doing #TheInfinityChallenge is a bit like running a business during a pandemic. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and you just have to push through, get up, show up, and keep going. The aim of striving for success is what unites us all, regardless of how divided we may seem on how to get there.

Here are my top 5 tips for staying focused on your business goals in the face of change and uncertainty.

1.   Be resilient.

Motivating your employees is more important than ever. Your role as a leader begins with setting a good example. Dress to impress during your zoom calls and expect the same from your team. If you want your home office to reflect your brand, create a space that feels professional, uplifting, and inviting.

Right now there is a lot of negative news out there, so you need to train your brain to stay positive. Try your best to avoid thinking or talking about these subjects and choose your words very carefully when chatting with your team. It can be easy to get lost in the unknown, so only focus on what you, as a team, can control. For example, inspire positivity in others by asking them what fresh, new ideas they have for growing the business.

2.   Learn to focus on your mental health.

As a hard-working business owner, it’s important to keep your stress to a minimum. Try reaching out to a friend, going for a walk, or playing with your children or pets when you feel overwhelmed. I’ve been staying physically active by starting to run every early morning, which has inspired me to take on #TheInfinityChallenge. Every day, try to do something that makes you happy. The experience will provide a much-needed boost to your personal and professional well-being. A regular exercise routine, even if it’s only a few minutes a day, is also a great way to manage stress.

3.   Bring people together.

Inclusivity is such a vital topic right now, and for your brand to succeed, consider how it’s open to everyone. Is your brand fun, flirty, uplifting, useful, or innovative? Highlight these great qualities and make sure that they appeal to the many instead of the few. Keep your messaging as inclusive as possible to drive more business.

4.   Just keep going.

This is something I say to myself every morning. What’s the most important thing to help you plow through when you’re stuck in a rut? Having a solid daily routine. It’s important to get back into a regular work routine—it’s what ties your work life together and will contribute to your overall success.

5.   Contribute to society.

Think to yourself, “what impact does my business or brand have on the world?”

In these difficult times, everyone looks for reassurance and hope. Your brand can contribute to this need—even if just a little. Brainstorm ways in which your brand might improve people’s lives today. Dig deeper, you might be able to make an impact in other ways too! Efforts like this can pay off in ways you don’t expect!


Looking to make a difference in your local community? Join me this summer, as we conquer our health and wellness goals, while also helping families access much-needed autism services. The hardest challenges need the strongest communities. Check out my campaign and register today or make a donation on my pledge page to help me reach my goal of $5,000. #MakeEveryStepCount and join me in #TheInfinityChallenge.

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