The Lessons I Leave for My Daughter

Yesterday was International Day of the Girl Child, and this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the girls we are raising and refocus our efforts to helping them create the lives they want.

Find Role Models Who Inspire You

Every day, I aim to live a life and make decisions that my children will admire. But while I try to create as best an example as possible, I know I’m not perfect and that people need many role models to see themselves in.

I’m not in the position to talk about the incredible power of female role models for women and girls, but I know that where you see those like yourself, you feel welcome and invited.

Sofia, I hope you’re able to find many icons who inspire you to act, think, and live in a way that makes you feel free and fulfilled.

Pursue Your Dreams, No Matter What Stops You

There are few things worse than feeling shackled to your place in life, but I also know that it takes incredible courage and determination to shatter these bindings and go where you feel whole.

Success is a path through forests, over ravines, and across oceans, but I hope my daughter will possess an unshakable belief in herself and that every second of her life is spent the way she wants.

Find Someone Who Loves You for You

Although it may sound hokey to some, I genuinely believe that love has the power to move mountains, shake a person’s world, and elevate your existence and happiness beyond what you could ever do alone.

Dasha has changed my life, and I strive to be a better person every time I see her face or hear her name. I want my daughter to experience this unshakable joy and be free to pursue the love of whoever she believes is her soulmate.

On International Day of the Girl Child, we take the time to assess how we as parents are building a better world for our daughters, and the only way we can create these opportunities is by working together.

Visit my website to hear a podcast where Dasha and I talk to our good friends, Sunny and Martin, about what parenting means in this day and age.

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