The Benefits of eLearning at Work

eLearning has become a popular option for professional development in recent years, especially with offices moving to remote working due to COVID-19. Having empowered myself and others on their journeys of growth, I have discovered that numerous benefits come from ensuring that your team takes advantage of online learning.

Independent Learning

From a leadership perspective, there is a lot of value in empowering your employees to take control of their own professional development and allowing them to become independent learners. This means they can pick and choose the topics they want to pursue and can take courses at their own pace. Every person’s learning style is different, and allowing them the freedom to explore their style and interests can help them become even better employees.

Fully Accessible

Offering your employees the ability to engage in eLearning means that they can benefit from a resource that is available to them 24/7 when they need it. Most online courses have mobile compatibility, closed captions, and descriptive video, which enables the experience to be fully accessible to all employees.

Scalable & Affordable

Traditional forms of training and learning are capped by class size. Online learning however can be scaled to as many employees you would like, offering an organized and standardized method of supplying learning resources to employees across different teams, departments, or even different locations while receiving timely feedback on their success.

Online learning also saves time and expenses associated with travel costs. Rather than booking flights to a seminar thousands of miles away, employees can enjoy the same level of education from the comfort of their desk. An added benefit of eLearning is that courses tend to be less expensive than in-person events and there are often free courses your team can take advantage of. Having the ability to revisit a course at any time means your employees always have access to important resources they may need.

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