Standing Strong In the Face of COVID-19

At the risk of speaking in hyperbole, I don’t think we as a society have faced as crushing an experience in the 21st century as we are with COVID-19.

We Are All Sharing Pain. We Are All Sharing Loss.

My grandmother was a great presence in my life when I was a child and a true force of nature when it came to making her aspirations and goals a reality.

I remember the day I learned about her passing, and I remember the yawning emptiness that seemed to consume me. I sat down all day—not talking, not moving, not daydreaming—just stripped of my will and zest for life.

But while loss consumed me for those first few days that seemed to last an eternity, I consoled myself that my Paatti had left this world peacefully. I realized she would still be around so long as we remembered her legacy and, most importantly of all, her faith.

What is Faith to You?

For me, the idea of faith centers around the traditions of my family, such as our family Pujas in Winnipeg once a month. As a teenager, I would be embarrassed to get up and sing in front of my family and I would dread every moment of it, but was I excited to host and participate in the next month’s Puja?

You’re damn right I was.

Even when times are dark and things may seem uncertain, we still hold these gatherings (via Zoom) to share our faith with each other and remind ourselves of those who built us into the people we are.

And who are we?

We’re maestros, and no person or disease writes the symphony of our lives for us. We simply listen to the melodies and rhythms that we grew up on and forge them into something louder and crisper for our children to find faith in.

Faith in ourselves. Faith in our families. Faith in the world.

Are you looking to turn your interior faith into a positive force for you and your loved ones? Visit my website and download the Maestro Mindset Manifesto to find out how you can become the master of your own fate, even in these uncertain times.

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