Reflecting on the Successes of 2020

I’m not going to repeat the rest of the internet by saying 2020 was a rough year. We could talk about the impact that COVID-19 has had on our lives or all of the disappointments, but stressing about the past is as fruitless as mourning the passing of waves on the sea.

Instead of worrying about what’s on the horizon, I wanted to take the time today to briefly reflect on my positives this year.

Pivoting Computek College to Our Best Year Yet

Every crisis is also an opportunity.

COVID has really tested the resiliency of businesses and in some instances entire sectors such as the airline industry. It has also revealed a great Truth – the startups that kicked off this year or businesses that stayed the course will be positioned for spectacular success in the coming new decade.

This is why I’m proud of what we’ve managed to achieve at Computek College in 2020. We not only pivoted to online learning but initiated major organizational transformations, invested in our people, and expanded what we offer to students – all of which has resulted in us having one of our best years yet.

Launch of station 369 & Maestro Session

Helping people succeed has always been a passion for me, and I cannot adequately put into words how joyful I am to be running my own creative agency firm—station 369.

In less than a year, we’ve connected with a number of businesses and business leaders and we’re intentionally creating value for them by leveraging our unique approach to brand building using the station 369™ methodology.

And we’re excited to work with many more promising brands in 2021!

Being Each Other’s Keepers

What we do in our professional lives and businesses is only as good as the community we build around us. That means not just investing our time but also putting our money where our mouth is.

I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity in 2020 to set up the Srinarayanathas Foundation that has supported a number of deserving causes both in Canada and around the world throughout the year.

From the Digital Inclusion Challenges and the SAAAC Autism Centre’s Virtual Walkathon to that does work in Sri Lanka and the Tamil and Filipino Youth Fellowships to name a few, we continue to actively seek out causes that imagine a better world that we can leave behind for those who come after us. I intend to stay committed to that vision.

While 2020 has had some very dark moments for all of us and has us reconsidering how we engage with our communities, hidden in those murky days were also incredible victories brought about by passion, hard work, and friendship.

If you’re looking to make sure that 2021 holds plenty of successes for you, get in touch with me today and learn about how the Maestro Mindset can help you too.

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