Reflecting on Gratitude This Holiday Season

Today, I’d like to sit down with you and talk about gratitude and what it means during this challenging time.

For Health and Family

Of all the technological and social wonders in our modern era, health and healthy living are some of the things we most take for granted.

As I look at my children right now, playing in the living room with Dasha laughing and looking after them, I am beyond grateful for our health care workers who are labouring day and night to keep us free and safe.

This is a challenging time that none of us have faced before, but the troubles seem a little less scary when you’re wrapped in the arms of someone you love.

For the Lessons Taught by Hardship

Charles Darwin is known for the theory of natural selection, but many of us forget that the most successful species weren’t the smartest or the strongest—but the ones that were most adaptable to change.

COVID-19 has changed our society in a wide range of negative ways and has caused us all plenty of hurt, but the hidden silver lining is that each of us will become a stronger and more resilient person. We’ll be wiser with our gratitude and will know not to take certain things for granted in the future.

Don’t Just Feel Gratitude—Act on It

Gratitude is a pleasant feeling that we all enjoy. However, experiencing gratitude should be a reminder to spread our blessings and goodwill to those around us.

The people who have supported you face their own challenges, so make an effort to spread some cheer this holiday season.

COVID-19 has made 2020 a year of uncertainties, but as we finally reach the new year and the warm holiday season, I ask that you reflect on the past 12 months to uncover what you are personally grateful for. If you want to move forward from the stressors of 2020, visit my website and connect with me today to chart your path into the new year toward fulfillment and success.

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