My business focuses for 2024

First of all, Happy New Year to my network! I hope you enjoyed some downtime over the holidays and are welcoming 2024 with an open heart and open mind.

I thought it was appropriate to start the year by sharing my key business focuses for the coming year.

Demanding diversity in the workplace – At 369 Global, we continue to educate and inform Canadian businesses on attracting and retaining global talent while helping newcomers thrive in new environments. Each and every person deserves a voice and can help Canadian organisations be successful. A big part of this is encouraging policies and mentorship programs to ensure foreign credentials are recognized and utilised. The government of Ontario is making great strides here, but public and private companies have an opportunity to do their part and should consider innovative and effective programs they can swiftly implement.

Promoting education and the benefits of Canada – Rising rent and housing costs, job insecurity and concerns about our healthcare system dominated headlines in late 2023. Still, the reality is that despite these challenges that Canada must address, there is so much this country offers and so much we should be grateful for. I hear this from business leaders with diverse backgrounds and from students at Computek College each day. I am committed to showcasing the opportunities this country has to offer while encouraging change and funding in the areas that need it most.

Sharing the latest information about immigration – Immigration is a topic that continues to be in the news as the government adjusts policies to welcome record-high numbers of newcomers to Canada. At the same time, there is a lot of misinformation out there, whether it’s a misunderstanding of the vital role regulated career colleges play in offering programs that place graduates in the right jobs immediately following graduation, or inaccuracies around the tax implications of welcoming a high volume of new citizens. I am committed to sharing the latest on all immigration-related updates to encourage widespread understanding and action that will encourage a stronger nation and economy.

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