Making Your Business Meet the Triple Bottom Line

John Elkington, a world-renowned business consultant and sustainability expert, has spent the last 30 years preaching about “the triple bottom line” and the social responsibility that all businesses possess. I believe that every business is a product of its community and that we all have a responsibility to support our communities in turn.

Let’s talk about the triple bottom lines that every leader should aim to support beyond simply staying in the black.

Global Climate

Corporations in all industries across the globe, including giants like Google, Amazon, Apple, and many others are pledging to slash the emissions that their supply chains create, and it’s time for leaders like us to step up as well.

As a business leader that has built a great deal of trust and a connection with your community, you and your team must understand the responsibility of preserving the environment for future generations.

Global Health

If anything good can be said to have come out of COVID-19 (and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who will say such a thing), it’s that businesses and corporations have discovered the roles that they must play to support our delicate healthcare system.

Whether it’s by donating to PPE supply shortages for healthcare workers, donating foodstuffs to community organizations, or even just providing your employees with work-from-home opportunities to limit the spread of illnesses, businesses have the power to keep our societies healthy and functional during times of crisis.

Global Social Justice

Social justice is a tricky concept for businesses to get a handle on, and many corporations avoid engaging with these issues, in order to avoid losing customers or brand value.

As business leaders, we can’t just put our heads in the sand and ignore these issues. We can’t just hope that the world’s problems resolve themselves while we ring the next customer through the till.

These issues impact your community and workers. If you want to show the people around you that you truly care, you should take a stand, however small, and show the downtrodden that you are with them in the fight.

Your community has given you the support to build your success, and now it’s time to repay them in kind. If you need guidance on how to succeed with your triple bottom line, I’d love to share with you some insights that I’ve gained through our work at the Srinarayanathas Foundation.

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