Keeping Your Marriage Strong During COVID-19

When you commit to marrying the person you love, you are crafting a partnership that will take on any storm. But how do you maintain your marriage and your love when it seems like every catastrophe is happening at once?

Here are a few ways you can keep your marriage strong and prosperous through this pandemic.

Make Time for Each Other

One reason Dasha and I have endured together for so long is that our priorities are in sync—we love our children, our communities, and pursue personal growth. We also understand the value of pausing our individual pursuits and dedicating time to our relationship. This allows us to connect and tune in to each other, free from outside distractions. This time together is also space to openly address any problems we’re having and work through them in a clear and non-judgemental manner.

Acknowledge the Stresses You’re Both Facing

So much of our world has changed in the last few months that it’s understandable to mourn for the way things were. It’s important to share and discuss these feelings with your partner, and listen as they share their own, so you can support one another through these unprecedented times. A major shift in routine is stressful, but not a stressor you must weather alone.

Create an action plan together that supports your emotional, physical, and spiritual needs both as individuals and as a couple.

Give Each Other Room to Breathe

Spending time with your spouse is crucial to keeping your relationship alive, but we all need time to ourselves to reflect on our changing lives and pursue our interests. Spending more time at home doesn’t mean you must spend every moment together.

Take some time to read a book, tackle some chores, or step outside alone to recenter yourself. Continue to prioritize self-care, and encourage your spouse to do the same, so you can be available to support each other and your family.

Know When Your Spouse is Asking for Attention

Everybody needs attention and love, but we aren’t always obvious when we ask for it. Whether it’s a light touch on the back or a certain look that calls you across the room, be receptive to all your partner’s body language, and be there when they need love the most.

Your marriage is a partnership that no force on earth can break, but it can be damaged by a lack of care and attention. Learn more about how you can manage your partnerships and support the team that matters most by visiting my website and engaging with my courses.

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