How to Support Your Mental Health While Leading a Team

Companies across the globe are having critical conversations on the mental health environments they are providing their employees. But with all of these supports and programs being created, how are industry leaders and team managers supposed to provide an example with their own struggles?

Here are 3 ways a team leader can keep their mental health in top shape for their team.

Monitor Yourself for Signs of Burnout

Mental health problems are tricky to deal with because, by their nature, they can alter the way we view the world without us even noticing.

The first solution to this issue is to educate yourself on the signs of mental illness you may not notice. Emotional outbursts? Rapid changes in moods? An absence of feeling or sensation? All of these symptoms should be taken seriously and reported to your doctor immediately.

Embrace The World Beyond Your Office

As leaders, we thrive on closing deals and making our companies successful, so much so that we may spend evenings and weekends shut away in our offices to chase down corporate success.

While it may bring us plenty of immediate satisfaction, work is only a fraction of the joy and experience that we need in life. It may be hard to do, but try to shut down the laptop and turn off the phone when the clock strikes five.

Encourage Openness With Your Team

While society has made great strides in decreasing the stigma around mental health, your team may not want to discuss or admit to the struggles they are facing.

Organizational changes in regards to mental health often come from the top, so take some time to sit down with your employees and inform them that it is okay to be dealing with mental health problems and that your team will support them.

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