How the Emerging Gen-Z Workforce is Going to Change the Market

Being a business owner today means you can adapt to change. Whether you’re changing your operations to ensure client and employee safety on the fly, your processes to improve with new technology, or your client demands are shifting, agility is a must for a successful business.

As a new generation enters the workforce, Generation Z will change how we hire and expand our companies.

Applicants Will Demand Remote Opportunities

“Going remote” was the direction many industries were heading even before COVID, but the current pandemic has turned our expectation of a secure job on its head.

Gen Z employees will be arriving at your HR office fresh out of this tumultuous time, and they will be expecting a level of freedom in their workspace because of it. Used to connecting to classrooms and obligations remotely, this expectation will carry over to what they’re looking for in a workplace.

Feedback Will be Critical for Employee Growth

Our society has always viewed failure as something to be avoided at all costs, but speak to any industry leader, and they’ll sing praises about the importance of honest and candid feedback.

Youths and adults emerging into the job market will look to you as a manager to provide the proper guidance on how to excel and grow from mistakes they will undoubtedly make.

Applicants Are More Educated Than Ever Before

Despite all the recent negativity they’ve faced, it’s clear that Generation Z is one of the most determined, hardworking, and ambitious groups of people our society has seen— especially relating to their educational accomplishments.

A more educated workforce is an exciting prospect. However, while this will bring expertise to your company, educated workers are in a position to demand a larger salary. If this has you feeling apprehensive, know that there are also plenty of tools, like Pineapple, an exciting HR tech venture out of Dublin, Ireland to help you screen your candidates and find the best applicant for your position. If you want to know more about Pineapple, download the app and check out my slice here.

Generation Z is going to change our world in ways that we can’t even imagine yet, and that includes how our economy works and how your business operates. If you want to prepare yourself for the coming changes, visit my website and connect with plenty of like-minded business people to collaborate and share your strategies for success.

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