How I set the stage for a successful year

I have always looked at three aspects of my life equally – seeking new knowledge, taking care of my physical and mental health to be my best, and my relationships. I think critically about each key area twice a year – at the start of each new year and mid-year, around my birthday.

Seeking new knowledge – This is taking a critical look at the things I can do to grow my knowledge and be more aware of the world around me while looking at how I can apply new insights to my businesses. That means considering operational efficiency, the latest ways to get marketing messages out, and new technologies that can support our efforts. A big part of this is always participating in workshops, surrounding myself with fresh connections that will encourage new ways of thinking, and reading books that will challenge me to consider new perspectives. Commitment is essential. In my experience, it’s more valuable to be deeply invested in less than to take on too much.

Physical and mental health – For me, running and marathons have been invaluable. Running the marathon on race day is essential, but so is the journey and the commitment needed to get there; focus and mental resilience are key and benefit all aspects of my life. It’s also valuable to have contacts who support your goals to help you stay on track. You are most affected by the five people you spend the most time with. This relates to all aspects of your life, but especially health in my experience.

Nurturing my relationships  – Harvard did a study noting the happiest and healthiest people in the world have the strongest relationships. Friends are so important because you get to choose them. Still, it takes time and investment to nurture these relationships, support each other, show up for each other and demonstrate vulnerability. Family has always been so important to me. You don’t get to choose your family, so you need to learn how to manage those relationships and the changing dynamics of family based on your stage in life.

As I kick off the new year, I have set goals laddering up to each of these key areas so I don’t lose sight of what’s most important and maintain a well-rounded outlook.

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