Five Places to Find Authenticity within Your Brand

During a crisis, our instinct is to help. Hopefully, this behaviour will be the building block of a new, more caring society from which Canada emerges when the pandemic is over. But it’s not just brands that need to revamp their authenticity – it’s individuals.

In previous posts, I indicated that newcomers and new Canadians make up a large majority of the job talent pool. So how does an individual establish a professional or business reputation in Canada? Here are two very simple steps you can use, starting today.

Define Your Brand

What people think about you daily is your brand message. It’s how you position yourself as an authority in your niche.

Your brand should position you as someone who people would like to work with, who they could trust, and who is good at what they do. Your brand message components should include:

– Your why: How did you get started in your profession? What are you passionate about? Why should somebody want to work with you?

– Your strengths and unique selling points: Are you unique among your competitors? What makes you effective?

Communicating Your Brand

There are three ways to communicate your brand. Depending on the situation, the words used may change, but the core message will not.

Live it. You need to live your brand daily, to assure people of your credibility and authenticity. People will know if you are faking your brand message.

Post it. There are several forums where you can post your brand messaging. This could be a LinkedIn profile, website introduction, or even in your email signature. The more you write it, the more you and others will believe it.

Breathe it. Say your brand message every day. You never know when an opportunity to communicate your brand message will come about.

By clarifying your message and communicating your brand, you will differentiate yourself in the marke where it’s hard to grab people’s attention. By doing so, you will gain more respect, acquire more opportunities and forge your path towards a successful career.


The process of creating a personal brand can be challenging, but I can help. I built my brand called “The Maestro Mindset” and live it every day. If you’re looking for a keynote speaker for a major conference or event (virtually for now), I would love to share The Maestro Mindset with your audiences and help them compose their best symphony in business, life, and beyond.

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