Finding the Perfect Pitch in Imperfect Times

It may be love that makes the world go around, but in the world of business when a person is pursuing their passion, it’s sales that move the world the way you want.

Let’s discuss what it takes to make the perfect pitch when the circumstances are less than perfect.

A Musician is Good, an Orchestra is Better

The truth is that the people around you possess a wealth of knowledge and experience that you should respect and, dare I say, love.

Take the time to connect with your coworkers and roleplay interactions to improve your pitches and sales together. You all have skills that can complement each other’s abilities.

Unleash Your Inner Actor to Make Your Pitch Stick

Now when I say being an actor, I don’t mean performing sonnets to your clients over the phone, I mean developing a sense of showmanship and infusing an unseen level of drama into every pitch you make.

As the old lesson on sales and marketing goes, people don’t buy a drill bit—they are buying the hole. Remind them of the success and respect they will feel when they finally hang up the Van Gogh painting in their office for all to see.

The best salespeople know how to inject a sense of spectacle into every interaction with a customer and build a rapport with them. It is through this journey of what could be and what will be that will drive your audience to sign on the dotted line.

Embrace the Unique Nature of Your Audience

While we’re all living on this planet together every human being has walked a unique path that has shaped their wants, needs, and knowledge—it is up to you as a salesperson to respect that.

When you find someone who you truly believe could benefit from your product or service, don’t call them up and read from a script. Take the time to do your research, learn what drives them, where they stumble, and weave this information into a pitch that speaks directly to them.

Salespeople have to pivot to the constantly changing economy and the equally dynamic needs of their clients, but I can show you how to develop an interpersonal sales matrix that will become your roadmap to success. Visit my website and learn how my courses can help you and your team ring in sales sooner than you would believe.

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