Empowering Our Daughters Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

International Women’s Day is fast approaching, so I have taken this time to reflect on the challenges women continue to face. The United Nations Women’s statement “the theme celebrates the tremendous efforts made by women and girls around the world in shaping a more equal future and recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic” encapsulates the message of this year’s focus on Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in the COVID19 World.

COVID-19 has recognized and amplified the impact women have in society—as daughters, wives, mothers, caregivers, health care workers, front line workers, organizers, and community members—but more needs to be done.

Women have also been most impacted by the outbreak as they continue to face domestic violence, unpaid childcare duties, unemployment, and poverty. They have had to sacrifice their careers to focus on educating their children because schools were closed, and they also support their mental wellness so that their children can come out of this pandemic intact.

I’ve seen firsthand how my wife, who is a doctor, leaves the chaos of the hospital when she arrives home so that she can focus on our two children. She manages to flip the switch to domestic life every day, and yet, she does so with grace and love. She is a true role model and hero for our Sofia.

While I do not know what our wives and daughters will face in the months ahead, I do know that women bring different perspectives, experiences, and emotional intelligence to the table. We ought to welcome their leadership role in society as we design, plan, and establish policies for a new normal for now, and the future for our daughters.

I celebrate the courage and tenacity of women and girls all over the world this International Women’s Day, and I cannot wait to see how my daughter grows up fearless and without limitations because of the women who came before her. 

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