Developing Quality Content While Working in Isolation

The COVID-19 situation has caused widespread disruption across the world, and small and medium businesses are the ones being hit the hardest.

Business owners are finding themselves stuck wondering how they can keep their customers happy and their business afloat, and to them I say—there has never been a better time to embrace content marketing.

Reconnect With What Makes Us Human

We have been living through a time of plenty, and just as we have built our lives to a brilliant excess, so have the marketing strategies and videos of large companies.

However, you don’t need a high-tech camera or fancy digital editing software to create content with impact. What you do need is an understanding of your clients, what their desires are, and what they are feeling during these turbulent times.

When showcasing your business through content marketing, do so without any conceit. Don’t try to dazzle your viewers with pyrotechnics or excess—speak honestly, smile assuredly, and extend empathy to the person on the other side of the lens.

Document, Don’t Create

When setting out to develop a content marketing strategy, too many people believe their field of work is dull, and any interesting material for their audience must be artificially created. This is false. People have a good sense of what is staged vs authentic, and if they detect that you are playing yourself up, a flashy strategy can backfire—resulting in poor public opinion.

Remember how you fell in love with your craft the first time you discovered and understood it? So will your audience when you document your activities and operations for all the world to see. For example, if you’re a restaurant trying to attract new customers, try creating a video showing how you make your burgers or pizzas. The values of key ingredients may seem like basic knowledge to you, but it could be world-changing for a viewer.

Marketing during periods of instability can be a challenge for everyone, but the true path to success in this period is honesty, courage, and an understanding of your customer’s humanity. To learn more about how you can master these principles, visit my website and check out my list of courses for the seminar that can most benefit you.

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