Developing a Talent Pipeline: Attracting and Retaining Skilled Immigrants in Canada

With ageing populations, the leading global economies need to find ways to increase the percentage of young talent in their national workforce. Canada is no exception. However, where we do differ from a number of our partners and competitors is that a strategic decision has been taken to attract talented newcomers to the country to help build the sustainable economy of the future.

As a growing country built on immigration this makes sense, but it’s important to remember that the supply of talented, ambitious newcomers won’t be limitless. As well as competing with other nations to provide a suitable home for people to build exciting careers and lives, employers within Canada will be competing with each other to attract and retain the very best candidates.

As the competition for talent intensifies, it is essential for employers to adopt proactive strategies to build a robust talent pipeline.

Key Strategies for Employers

Developing a talent pipeline of skilled immigrants requires a proactive and inclusive approach from employers in Canada.

What are some of the key strategies they can implement to attract and retain that talent?

Targeted Recruitment Initiatives

Taking part in recruitment initiatives targeting new immigrants, either in Canada or their home country, can help you broaden the talent pool from which you’re recruiting. Building strong relationships with educational and training institutions, professional associations and cultural groups can take this a step further. Being an outward-looking organization that builds links and fosters relationships can help employers identify and recruit top talent.

Create a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace Culture

Your workplace should be a place where different perspectives and backgrounds are welcomed, celebrated and leveraged for the benefit of the company overall.  Understanding the benefits that a diverse workforce can bring, not least in terms of developing a global mindset and leveraging global connections creates a dynamic, outward-looking company culture. This commitment not only helps immigrant employees feel valued and supported, but it can also be attractive to people considering a move to Canada.

Provide Settlement Support

While many companies pay lip service to assist with settlement in the country, few go the extra mile for their new employees. Providing information and resources in a range of vital areas such as housing, healthcare, language and professional development can all ease the transition for newcomers. By providing meaningful support for new immigrants, you increase retention rates among existing staff and become more attractive to new applicants.

Offer Opportunities for Career Development & Advancement

Ambitious, talented immigrants value opportunities for career advancement. One of the key pull factors for immigrants is evidence that they’re likely to be able to build a more successful and prosperous life in their destination country.

Employers should establish clear career paths, providing training and development opportunities to allow skilled immigrants to enhance their skills. Mentoring programs that give employees the opportunities to work closely with experienced professionals can be invaluable for career progression. Identifying future leaders will ensure you have the talent pipeline to take your company forward.

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