Creating Autism Awareness With SAAAC and #TheInfinityChallenge

The SAAAC Virtual Walk-a-Thon is in full swing, and I’m so excited to be participating again! The reason I’m excited about this year’s campaign is that not only am I raising funds to support the wonderful work the SAAAC does, but I also get to invite you to join me in improving your physical and mental health. However, before I get into #TheInfinityChallenge, let’s talk a little about SAAAC.

What is SAAAC?

SAAAC Autism Centre is a registered charity based in Toronto that provides autism services to marginalized communities, including low-income and newcomer families. Since its inception in 2008, with only a handful of volunteers, the organization has grown to provide free and subsidized services to over 400 families each year with 160 volunteers and 29 staff members overseeing 12 unique treatment programs.

6th Annual SAAAC Walk-A-Thon

The annual Walk-A-Thon is SAAAC’s biggest fundraiser and runs from May 25th to August 8th. This year, the walk-a-thon is an interactive virtual fundraising campaign focused on promoting health and wellness, led by world-class captains who are inspired to create change. It’s an honour for me to be in this year’s group of captains that includes an Olympian, a police chief, health care professionals, and others.

Last year, SAAAC was able to raise $120,184.69 for its students and programs. Together with the other amazing captains, SAAAC is aiming to raise $200k this year and I’m positive that with your generous support we can reach this target!

The Walk-A-Thon’s Impact

The money raised from this year’s Walk-A-Thon goes towards early intervention services and access to diagnostics for under-resourced families and communities; skill-building through evidence-based therapies, arts, and recreational programs. They create opportunities to help young adults with life skills and employment readiness programming, so they may lead more independent and richer lives.

How It Works

Each captain creates their own unique challenges and then shares them with their friends and family. What does that mean for me? I plan to run a 4 km route every week in the shape of the infinity symbol (∞), which is the universal symbol for autism. I will map out my route using an app and share them with you so that you too can take #TheInfinityChallenge to walk, run, or bike similar or longer distances—remember to share your route with me and your followers on social media!

I’m not a professional athlete, nor am I one of those guys who goes to a gym. I’m a pretty regular person who is a small business owner, a father of two toddlers, husband of a frontline worker, and trying to stay active and healthy when there’s a lot of uncertainty around us. If I can do this, I know many more of you can do it too!

Join me this summer, as we conquer our personal health and wellness goals, while also helping families access much-needed autism services. The hardest challenges need the strongest communities. Check out my campaign and register today or donate on my pledge page to help me reach my goal of $5,000. #MakeEveryStepCount and join me in #TheInfinityChallenge.

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