Celebrating Education on International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day is the day where we celebrate our greatest achievement as a species and its impact on creating a more literate and sustainable society.

Today, I’m going to talk about the different ways in which education has impacted my life.

As a Father

Being a parent has given me a greater appreciation of childhood education. Like any other parent, I want my kids to be able to succeed at whatever they desire, and that starts by creating a nurturing environment at home.

Dasha and I make sure to spend quality time with each of our children, and I can’t express enough how fulfilling it is as a father to have your child look up at you with pride as they read their favorite book back to you. 

As an Educator

Valuable education is most certainly not limited to children, though. I’ve also had the honor of running Computek College, one of Ontario’s leading private career colleges, and helping thousands of newcomers to the province achieve the education and skills they need to succeed in Canada.

When immigrating, it’s so frustrating to discover that your hard-earned education and certifications are not recognized in your new home. However, a renewed learning experience can truly provide a new lease on life.

As a Mentor

While our images and ideas of learning may be centered around the classroom, the best learning opportunities, in my experience, happen when we step out into the world to make our own way as adults.

As a mentor to young entrepreneurs, the struggle that holds them back most isn’t a thin business plan or lack of resources, but a fear of failure. It is only through failure and how we move forward that we better understand ourselves and what it takes to make our dreams come true.

Socrates said “education is the best provision for old age”, but I believe that it’s a great tool for the many decades leading up to it. If you’re looking to get the mentoring and advice you need to get your idea off the ground, visit my website or reach out to me on my socials at any time.

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