Building a Future-Ready Workforce

Today, Canadians are increasingly dependent on the Internet. Important everyday activities such as banking, government services, and healthcare have moved, or are moving, online in the name of convenience and efficiency.

Companies and industries will need to continue to be adaptable, flexible, and commit to lifelong learning, especially as they reposition themselves in an increasingly digital, data-driven world and search for talent that will help them succeed.

Reflecting on my last article about what it takes to reskill an entire workforce, it is time to look at the infrastructure required, and what role technology plays, in this landscape.

What Infrastructure is Needed?

Organizations cannot rely solely on recruiting the talent they need to succeed in the age of rapid technological advances and the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI). Without the right technology and data infrastructure in place, investments made to upskill employees will be less effective at helping them reach their full potential.

Employees who are upskilled in leveraging AI and related and new technologies are better equipped to understand where they can add the most value and how best to take advantage of new advances.

What Role Does Technology Play?

Productivity is the main long-term propeller of economic growth. Currently, technology is having a profound impact on labour markets. Automation and digital advances are putting upward pressure on the skill levels of analysts, technicians, and managers.

Technological change reshaping industry growth will only intensify as AI, advanced robotics, and cyber-physical systems take the digital revolution to another level. To compound this further, globalization is going increasingly digital, a transformation that has been termed “Globalization 4.0.”

Technology Creates New Jobs and Income Possibilities

Although technology will make some jobs redundant, it will also create new work in fields we cannot even imagine, and generate new sources of income. In 2019, the tech industry increased by nearly 60,000 positions, a growth rate of 3.6% over the previous year. Through 2020, though technology job postings were down from 2019, they still totalled more than 547,000.

Is Your Organization Ready For the Age of AI?

A new era of AI is disrupting industries, and organizations face incredible new opportunities and challenges. It is vital for Canada to make deliberate, significant investments to equip ourselves, our organizations and our people with the knowledge, skills, and capabilities needed to work effectively in a digitized, automated world, and to build and consume AI-powered insights.

If you’re wondering how you can get ahead in such a dynamic and ever-changing world, consider booking a consultation with me where we can what your company can do to upskill and reskill your employees for now and the future.

Let’s invest in a stronger Canada together. Join me.

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