Building a Brand Takes More Than a Lucky Accident

A business is a brand first, and the core of a brand is its brand identity. However, not every business has a brand unless it chooses to build one. Businesses can be started in a day, but from my experience in developing my own brand, I believe that to build a strong, recognizable one, you need to take specific steps to get where you want to be.

Consider these 4 questions to boost your brand’s success:

Why are you doing this?

Businesses sell stuff—brands make us feel stuff. True brands are those that get into our hearts and deliver intrinsic, intangible value. So why are you doing all this in the first place? Your “why” is the foundation you build upon to deliver that value.

People are not looking to buy what you do—they are buying “why” you are doing it in the first place. This is what sets you apart from your competitors, their willingness to buy into your brand and its identity.

Where do you want to go?

Have you chosen which direction you were aiming to take your brand? It’s important to remain true to your brand and vision, regardless of what’s trending at the moment. Rather, play to your own strengths. What types of things are you good at? Determine and align your skillset to support your “why.”

How will you align your actions to your branding?

Does your company embody your purpose and align with your vision? You need to pay attention to your values and mission to determine how you should behave throughout your business journey.

How will you keep the momentum going?

Businesses don’t happen by accident and don’t arise from aha moments. Even if your business grinds away for years to achieve its brand identity, it is still seen as a business. But when you are intentional about your branding framework, you will see meaningful growth. Positive momentum builds as word spreads. The shift from selling to customers to recruiting advocates is crucial for your long-term success.

Rome was not built in a day, and neither is shaping the perfect brand identity. If you’re interested in learning how to forge a path of success for your business and its brand, consider subscribing to my newsletter or contact me for more information and key insights.

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