Approaching International Children’s Day as a Parent

We’re celebrating International Children’s Day on December 13th! This year, UNICEF and the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences are teaming up to create a day where broadcasters “tune in to kids.” They’re asking governments, partners, and the private sector to listen to children and prioritize their needs.

A Legacy of Caring

First established in 1954 as Universal Children’s Day, it’s recognized every year to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children’s welfare. Today, International Children’s Day marks the UN General Assembly’s anniversary of adopting the Declaration and Convention on children’s rights.

International Children’s Day commemorates protection of children from dangerous workplaces and long working hours. It’s dedicated to bringing awareness to children who have succumbed to violence in forms of exploitation or abuse and discrimination.


This year, COVID-19 has resulted in a children’s rights crisis. Some children are isolated in harmful home environments during this pandemic, making it more important now than ever to support children and ensure that their voices are heard.

We’re all coming to terms with the changing world around us, but if we want our youth to inherit a better world free of uncertainty and fear, we need to step up and fight this pandemic through neighbourhood connections and opportunities for children to express themselves and explore their futures.

Youth Advocates

On International Children’s Day 2020, UNICEF is partnering with young people around the globe to advance children’s rights. These youth leaders come from diverse backgrounds such as entertainment, education and entrepreneurship, innovation, social justice, and even social media.

As educators, mentors, and parents, it’s up to us to welcome the passionate leaders of the next generation onto the world stage. The leaders of tomorrow have much to teach us and have perspectives unique to their time in history—perspectives that should be acknowledged and respected.

Starting this year, I plan to listen very closely to what Sofia and Leonardo have to tell me and nurture their incredible spirit.

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