3 Magazine: Celebrating the diversity and contributions of modern Canada

Earlier this year, I was delighted to announce the launch of a new magazine that captures the resilience of Canadian newcomers and explores the rich intersection of the diverse cultures that define modern Canada. Last month, we finally released the magazine’s name: 3. This magazine will be a collaborative initiative between 369 Global and St. Joseph Communications (SJC).

We chose the name ‘3’ as it symbolizes the diverse makeup of Canada and the global community. It also represents the growing presence of Third Culture Individuals, a term that refers to people who have spent a significant part of their formative years outside their parents’ culture. This term profoundly resonates with me based on my cultural heritage, upbringing, and personal experiences. The number’ 3′ signifies the blending of three cultures: the original culture, the culture of the new country, and the unique ‘third culture’ that emerges from this blend.

The anticipation and excitement surrounding the inaugural issue of 3 Magazine are palpable. We can’t wait to unveil it this September. After more than a year of meticulous planning, it brings me immense joy to finally share this significant endeavour with my family, friends, and the public.

3 magazine is for people who live between borders and beyond boundaries. It will celebrate third culture individuals, newcomers to Canada, first-generation (and beyond) Canadians and the culturally curious. It is a testament to people born in one place but enriched by the influence of numerous others. 3 delves into the essence of global narratives, weaving together topics from identity to innovation. With deeply reported stories, thought-provoking columns, insightful profiles and style features, its content will challenge and inspire. You can expect to read about personal journeys, cultural insights, success stories, and thought-provoking discussions on issues related to immigration, diversity, and multiculturalism. 3 aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diverse experiences that shape our country and our world.

Canada is witnessing an unprecedented influx of newcomers in recent years. Since 2022, our country has seen an annual growth of about 1 million new Canadians annually. Canada has not experienced such a significant immigration surge since 1957, propelling our nation to become one of the fastest-growing in the world and the fastest-growing among the G7 nations. This rapid influx has sparked a complex tapestry of reactions, ranging from celebrating our expanding multicultural identity to concerns over resource allocation, social integration, and economic fundamentals. In light of this dynamic transformation and Canada’s foundational values of openness to immigration and multiculturalism, I recognized the need to establish a publication that mirrors the evolving fabric of our society and celebrates newcomer success at every turn.

At 3 Magazine, we dive deep into these discussions, presenting a panoramic view of the newcomer experience. Our features not only celebrate the contributions of these individuals but also scrutinize the evolving challenges and opportunities that arise from such dynamic demographic shifts. Each story, whether it’s the appointment of a leader from overseas in a Fortune 500 company, a physician contributing to a hospital department due to recognized credentials, or the inspiring tale of a self-made entrepreneur making a significant community impact – deserves to be told and celebrated.

The role and contributions of Canadian immigrants and newcomers in shaping our society cannot be overstated, and 3 will be a testament to their efforts. Approximately 20 percent of our total population consists of immigrants, and by 2050, over 50 per cent of Canada’s population is expected to be racialized individuals.

As a Canadian immigrant myself, I’ve personally navigated the challenges of acclimating to Canada alongside my family at a young age. These experiences have shaped my unique perspective and drive to create a magazine like 3. It’s crucial for newcomers to share their experiences and challenges, and 3 aims to be a platform for these narratives. I’m proud to spearhead this initiative and hope 3 reinforces our collective responsibility to build a stronger, more prosperous, and globally competitive Canada.

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