369 Global’s priorities for 2024

2024 will be a year of opportunity and our organisation is ready to scale and embrace rapid transformation with bold goals!

Global dynamics are shifting with economic turbulence, the rise of Asia and emerging economies, climate change and evolving migration patterns. All of these factors highlight the need for adaptable, inclusive solutions on a global scale.

We are seeing growing tensions between local and global, with rising nationalism and populism worldwide.

Learning and work are evolving. Degrees aren’t the only path. Diverse skills and approaches are gaining ground and shaping new opportunities with the rise of technology, including AI.

Canada is welcoming 1 million new permanent residents from across the globe, by 2026, they will come for, and expect, better opportunities.

All of these factors have contributed to the refinement of our vision and key priorities.

To deliver on our vision, our focuses this year are:

Domestic training programs: Offer high-value micro-credential programs through Computek College to accelerate talent placement and help fill the key roles our economy needs today.

Skills training, workforce development and embracing global talent are all integral to this.

International training programs: Increase our fair tuition international training programs through a new and innovative learn-to-earn education model.

Social impact: Support more causes that deliver on our vision through the Srinarayanathas Foundation, a charitable foundation with a hundred-year legacy that provides holistic, sustainable support to organisations focused on improving outcomes for underrepresented communities at home and abroad.

We look forward to sharing updates throughout the year as we contribute to job creation, local and global change.

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